About Pingr

Pingr is the easiest way to track the status of your web sites!

What is this site?

Pingr is a simple web site monitoring tool built to frequently assess availability and performance of Eventfy.com. It is available to anyone else who may find it useful.

If you already have a Gmail account you will not even need to create an account in Eventfy - just setup your event, list the people you want to invite and review their responses from a consolidated list.


Eventfy's authentication mechanism is handled by Google. It will NEVER have access to your password or emails. You can find more details on Google OpenID authentication here.

ZOMG You're asking me for my Gmail password?

Sort of, though we never actually get your password. Eventfy is hosted in the Google cloud datacenter. If you notice the URL in your browser in the sign in screen you will see it is NOT Eventfy's URL but Google's. That means Google will validate your credentials and then redirect you back to Eventfy. Google's authentication mechanism will share your Gmail address - which Eventfy uses as your username - but it will not share anything else, not your password not even your Gmail contacts.

It not only makes my life easier for not having to implement my own authentication mechanism but it is also way more secure for you. You know, I have some experience with software development but I don't think I can beat Google's security on my spare time. This is also a way to avoid forcing users to keep track of yet another service account. Future versions of Eventfy should also accept other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail etc.

Ok, you won't get my password. But what about the data you get, like my email, contacts etc?

Your data is your data - you may share it with Eventfy so that it can provide you with services but you still own it. Eventfy will share information provided by you with external systems only to process your requests (e.g. submit event invites via email). I will never sell or share any information you provided to Eventfy with any third party without your explicit permission - or a court order, whatever comes first.

What about data security? What if Eventfy gets hacked?

Since Eventfy does not collect sensitive data like credit card information, physical addresses, date of birth etc there is little value for someone to hack it. In addition, by default Eventfy removes all your information from its database as soon it does not need it to execute the tasks you requested. In other words, after your event date all the event data you provided (event details, recipients etc) goes bye bye. You see, I will have to pay for storage here from my pocket if I get past a threshold so you can count that I will remove whatever data I can without affecting the service.

What about this name?

Pingr is just a variation of "ping", a command that sends a signal to a remote system to determine availability and calculate response time performance.

Who's behind the curtain?

Pedro Burglin. You can find a bit more about me on my personal blog.

And why did you take the time to build this?

Nothing fancy, just to get the chance to try out Google App Engine, web front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and jQuery, HTML5 mobile-friendly responsive web development, setup an Internet domain and find new ideas to blog about on my spare time.

What about new functions? Where can I find more about it? What if I have a question or comment?

You can find the latest news at the Eventfy blog. This blog is the best way for users to share feedback and comments. Alternatively you can also send emails to support at eventfy dot com. Just note that since I am doing this on my spare time I cannot promise all messages will get a prompt response.

You can find examples in the Learn More page, more details on terms of service and privacy policies in our Disclaimer in the footer of every page or you can setup your event by clicking the New Event button below.

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