Here are some examples of how you can use Pingr:

The basics

1 You can use Pingr from your computer or smartphone. Click on the My Sites » button here or from Pingr's index page to get started.

Press the 'Control' key when clicking the button if you want the invite page to open on a new window and keep these instructions visible.


If you are not yet signed in at this point you will be asked to sign in with your Gmail account. Pingr's authentication is handled by Google.

Pingr will NEVER have access to your password or emails. You can find more information in the About page.

2 Expand the Target menu and enter your site details, including a name and URL. You can point Pingr to any URL in your site such as the index.html, an image etc.


You can enter up to 5 URLs to be monitored in Pingr.

Please only use Pingr to monitor URLs in sites you own. If you don't follow these terms and I end up getting service abuse complains I may have to blacklist your account.

3 Submit the form and that's it, you just started to monitor your site via Pingr! Pingr will collect performance information about your site in the background, and warn you know if it detects bad performance or if your site is unreachable.


Pingr notifications will be generated only during a status update (e.g. when the URL goes down, or when it comes back up etc). It will be sent directly to your Gmail account you used to sign in in Pingr.

In addition to background notifications you can also access reports in the same My Sites screen by expanding one of your sites:

From here you can also Refresh the report or Remove (just click the Cog button and select Remove) your sites.


Pingr can also notify you when the contents of a given URL changes:

For new targets simply select option "Site content changes".

For existing targets change the notification settings to "Site content changes".

On a new target

On an existing target

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